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Utility-Scale Energy Storage Inverters & Integrated Systems

Utility-scale energy storage offers a reliable, long-term power source for local, immediate use and helps with grid stabilization and renewables integration. In 2014, the global utility-scale battery capacity was at a mere 214 MW—today it’s at 899 MW and expected to exceed 13,000 MW by 2024.

At Dynapower, we offer two core utility-scale energy storage inverters in our Compact Power Systems® (CPS) product line: the CPS-1500 and CPS-3000. Both systems can be used indoors or outdoors, and both offer efficient energy storage, reliable performance, and cost-effective operation.

1500kW Energy Storage Inverter

幸运农场The CPS®-1500 is a utility-grade, bi-directional, true four-quadrant, 1500kW air-cooled energy storage inverter available in indoor and outdoor configurations.

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3000kW Energy Storage Inverter

The CPS®-3000 is a utility-grade, bi-directional, true four-quadrant, 3000kW air-cooled energy storage inverter available in indoor and outdoor configurations.

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Energy Storage System

幸运农场CPS®-i systems feature Dynapower’s UL 1741 SA listed Gen 4 CPS® air-cooled inverters fully integrated with conditioned NEMA-4 rated battery enclosures.

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The benefits of Dynapower’s systems include:

  • Built-in air cooling systems
  • Compatibility with grid-tied and micro-grid environments
  • Ability to parallel multiple inverters to scale energy storage installations
  • Protective/safety features, including AC output breakers, DC disconnect switches, and fire suppression
  • Affordability compared to other energy storage systems that require further spending on add-ons
  • MV transformers that facilitate easy integration into any battery system
  • Outdoor-rated inverters feature durable NEMA 3R containers that allow moving with lift truck
  • Easy installation options for placement on gravel and concrete pylons

Dynapower also supplies fully-integrated CPS-i utility-scale energy storage systems. This includes inverters with conditioned battery enclosures, fire suppression systems, and integrated controls.


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Before you invest in any energy storage system, it’s important to understand the capabilities it offers. Dynapower’s utility-scale solutions include these features:

Black Start

Black Start is a patented system for restoring power during a partial or complete power outage without the need for power from external sources, ultimately restoring electrical functions in a timely and orderly fashion. Black Start can restart multiple MPS® units and even distribution networks where the magnetizing currents of the transformer exceed the inverter power ratings. 

E Comp

This Volt/Var function automatically provides voltage support to the grid immediately.

F Comp

A Hz-Watt function that provides automatic and immediate frequency support to grid.

Dynamic Transfer™

This patented algorithm helps energy storage and distribution run smoothly. It monitors the stability of the grid to provide an immediate response to any disturbances that occur. For example, it can disconnect the system from the grid once disturbances are identified and shift to backup battery power. This seamless transition keeps the flow of electricity steady for critical applications and also supports 100% UF-mode phase imbalance.

Integrated Features

  • AC breaker with shunt trip
  • DC disconnect
  • DC input fuses
  • Forced air cooling system


Smooth and firm the output of a renewable power generation source such as wind or solar.

Build a localized grid where no utility grid is available or disconnect from the main power grid operating independently in the event of an emergency.

Provide power and energy capacity to the grid as a standalone asset.

幸运农场Charge or discharge instantly to provide frequency regulation, voltage control, and spinning reserve services to the utility grid.

幸运农场Supply power and energy capacity at a distributed location to defer or eliminate the need to upgrade aging grid infrastructure.

Why Dynapower for Utility-Scale Energy Storage?

Dynapower is a leading provider of flexible, reliable, and efficient energy storage systems with over 600MWs installed worldwide. All of our systems include world-wide access to 24/7 technical support, servicing, and preventative maintenance. Our company has been providing high-quality power conversion systems since 1963. 

Request a quote today or call (802) 860-7200 to learn more about the benefits of utility-scale energy storage systems. Our team is here to help answer your questions and help you find the right system for your needs.

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